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Obesity is a problem in many countries, but especially in Australia. According to a Harvard study, being obese increases your risk of developing 50 different health problems. Maybe you’ve already tried every diet available, but you are still unable to lose weight. Maybe you’re also not yet ready to try full-on surgical procedures or don’t qualify because you don’t meet the BMI requirements.

In such cases, we recommend you consider gastric balloon surgery in Melbourne. A gastric balloon (or intragastric balloon) is a temporary, inflatable device that is placed in your stomach to limit the amount of food your stomach requires before you feel full. This balloon allows you to eat smaller portion sizes and lose weight without any surgical operation. The weight loss balloon stays in the stomach for up to six months. After removing it, you should be able to maintain the smaller portions as your body will be used to these sizes.

According to research, most people report losses of around 7 to 15 percent total body weight during the six months with the balloon, with much larger losses as they continue to keep to their diet regime after removing the balloon. The gastric balloon is best seen as a way to “jump-start” weight loss and help you to keep to your diet goals.

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Types of Gastric Balloon Surgery

A common reason a gastric balloon is a popular option is that it is one step further than simply dieting, yet it is not yet as big a commitment as other major weight loss surgeries. Getting a gastric balloon has helped many obese men and women take the next step in their weight loss journey. There are 6 month and 12 month options for the gastric balloon. Here are some more benefits:


Although it is called gastric balloon surgery, there is no surgical removal, repair, or cutting involved in this procedure. We sedate the patient, and a thin tube is inserted through the mouth, carrying the silicone balloon to the stomach. Once in the stomach, we fill it with a saline solution, and the tube is then removed through the mouth. This low-risk process usually takes less than thirty minutes, and most people go home the same day.

Temporary and removable

Another benefit is that this procedure, unlike others, has no permanent change on your gastric system. The balloon is also completely removable, so if you are uncomfortable after a few days or weeks, we can remove it immediately, at your request.

Fewer side effects

Besides the procedure being low-risk, there are also very few side effects with this weight loss option. Some people report feelings of nausea or discomfort for a week or two after the balloon placement, but this is natural and soon dissipates.

Real weight loss

The stomach balloon is a great way to get your weight loss journey started and lose considerable amounts of weight, which may not have been possible without a little extra help. This option is great because it assists in teaching you to eat smaller portions and training you to keep to dietary goals. When we remove the balloon, you can continue to eat small portions and may lose even more weight.


The gastric balloon operation is also considerably more affordable than other weight loss surgeries.

However, a gastric balloon is not for everybody. At VSS Weight Loss Centre, we will carefully evaluate your lifestyle, weight loss goals, and current health status to determine if this is the right course of action for you.

Who Should Not Get Intragastric Balloon Surgery

There are many things to consider when looking at weight loss options. Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about getting a gastric balloon in Melbourne:


Your body mass index (a calculation using weight and height) determines if you are eligible for a gastric balloon. While other surgeries require you to have a BMI of 40 or higher to qualify, the gastric balloon only requires you to have a minimum BMI of 27 to 30 (but this will vary, depending on individual factors as well). If your BMI doesn’t fall into the range we determine, you may not qualify.

Overnight fix

If you hope that this procedure will be a quick and effortless process, it may also not be for you. The gastric balloon works best for those who put in the hard work to stick to their diet and follow their eating goals. It requires discipline while you have the balloon as well as after it’s removed.

Losing those last few kilograms

The gastric balloon surgery works best to help lose large amounts of weight and get the ball rolling with weight loss. We’d suggest a different course of action for those who have already lost most of the weight and want to lose a few more kilograms to reach their ideal goal.

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